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July Donation Incentives
@@@ Rayn2020-07-08 01:18:56
This months donation incentives are:

70,000 Silver per dollar donated
7 Custom items findable by players that you set the price for!
1 Full equipment set for up to 7 people
1 full coffer dwelling of your choice.

Dove me with questions!

News for Mon, Jun 14, 2021
The news cryers are silent this day.
Quote: Why is it nearly impossible to find clean comedians? Why do we have to resort to swearing and vulgarism just to make people laugh? And why do people think it's less funny if it isn't offensive in some way? Seriously...what is wrong with us? Use a purely clean joke and you're rewarded with cricket chirps, but tell the same joke while dropping the F-bomb and suddenly it's hysterical! What the heck! - Amelia Valencia
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