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September Donation Incentives!
@@@ Rayn2017-09-13 15:46:04
For the month of September we would like to offer the following incentives for donations:

ALL donations made this month will go directly to the Red Cross for relief for victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

If you wish to donate or have donated directly to the Red Cross, please provide a copy of your paypal payment email or a screen shot of the tax receipt page for payments via credit card. if you have donated or will donate by other means, please contact Rayn.


For every dollar donated you will receive:
10 silver, gold, platinum, electurm and dalatinum.
Donation points x10.all dwellings will have maxed coffers if they don't already.
If you are a leader of your clan you may have your vault maxed out of copper and gems if you wish.
up to 10 dwellings of your choice with full coffers for yourself or as many alts as you wish.
A full custom set of equipment - if you have one already, it will be buffed up!

News for Fri, Sep 22, 2017
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