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July Donation Incentives!
@@@ Rayn2017-07-12 20:00:07
For the month of July we wish to offer the following donation incentives. All incentives are of course in addition to the standard listed on the Donation Incentives page. As usual, donation incentives may be split up as you wish!

Custom pet and mount. If you have one already the damage will be adjusted. You may make an entirely new one if you wish.
700,000,000 copper. 7 Electrum, Platinum and Dalatinum per dollar donated. 700,000,000,000,000 gems.
A custom color for your name and title. Please contact Rayn for details. This color may be used in all equipment and for pet and mount names if you wish as well.
7 dwellings of your choice. Full coffers in all dwellings. Free movement and renaming of any dwelling.
Character never expires, magic ink and a pretty donator medal!

News for Tue, Jul 25, 2017 (Items 51 - 62 of 62)
OnMyParade has earned the title Grand Patriarch for having slain the Silver Dragon 57 times!
Elder Patriarch OnMyParade has slain the hideous creature known as The Silver Dragon. All across the land, people rejoice!
Deity Salt has bought a knitting book for a group of spiders in the forest today! How kind!!!
Deity Salt successfully recovered an artifact from a Secret Cave!
Deity Salt's pet Lion found a Rubber Duck in the forest.
A bunch of slavers ran from Deity Salt in the forest!
Deity Salt has slain the Tuatara, and saved the entire Kaimanawa Forest Sheep from certain death!
Deity Salt has slain the Penguin, and saved the entire Penguin City from death and destruction.
Deity Salt defeated Perfection in fair combat in the fields of Prime Plane.
Elder Patriarch OnMyParade defeated Shapeshifter Ark in fair combat in the fields of The Elemental Planes.
Elder Patriarch OnMyParade defeated Jessie in fair combat in the fields of The Elemental Planes.
Elder Patriarch OnMyParade defeated Prince of Fire Zarx in fair combat in the fields of Cormere.
Quote: Moderator Valerie Delacroix hisses at Zarx and blurs across the grotto, her body moving under his as he lept. "Nuuuuu! Dese mah cookies! Leeme lone! MINE!"... Moderator @Prince of Fire Zarx chases Valerie around the grotto, swinging a broom around, "Get back here you rascal!"
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