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July Donation Incentives
@@@ Rayn2020-07-08 01:18:56
This months donation incentives are:

70,000 Silver per dollar donated
7 Custom items findable by players that you set the price for!
1 Full equipment set for up to 7 people
1 full coffer dwelling of your choice.

Dove me with questions!

News for Wed, Aug 12, 2020
Naive Newbie Sally Steel` was just seen kissing a frog! Ewwwwww!
Naive Newbie Sally Steel`# has earned the title Demi-Goddess for having slain the Green Dragon 256 times!
Naive Newbie Sally Steel` has slain the hideous creature known as The Green Dragon. All across the land, people rejoice!
Naive Newbie Sally Steel`% demonstrated mastery in Sonata Music Composition!!
Naive Newbie Sally Steel` has slain the Tuatara, and saved the entire Kaimanawa Forest Sheep from certain death!
Naive Newbie Sally Steel` has slain the Penguin, and saved the entire Penguin City from death and destruction.
Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men were defeated in the Forest by Naive Newbie Sally Steel`7!
Naive Newbie Sally Steel` defeated a statue in the deep forest.
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