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March Donation Incentives!
@@@ Rayn2018-08-08 18:53:17
This months donation incentives are:
80,000 dp's per dollar donated
8,000 dalatinum per dollar donated
custom mount
custom equipment
80,000 bookbags per dollar donated (redeemable for copper/gems)
4 dwellings of your choice. You may have a dwelling custom made for you upon request. This dwelling would be unique to you and anyone you wish to gift it to.

January Donation Incentives
@@@ Rayn2018-01-04 19:29:12
This month's donation incentives are:
1,000,000 dalatinum
1,000,000 site points per dollar donated
Your own custom ingredient
Buffed equipment
Your own custom item

December donation incentives!
@@@ Rayn2017-12-01 03:16:45
Tis the season! So, additional donation incentives are as follows!

12 leaping lord frogs
11 ladies slippers dancing
10 pipers piping frosting
9 drummers drumming drums of rum
8 maids milking cows
7 swans
6 goose eggs
5 golden rings
4 collie bird toys
3 French hens in sauce
2 turtle dove wings
1 partridge in pear sauce

Each of these items will be a currency sellable for copper and gems.

Additionally, if you donate more than once this month, you'll receive dalatinum equal to your donation plus the letters in your name.

End of the year DK contest!
@@@ Rayn2017-11-30 17:22:34
Well adventurers, it's that time of year again! Time to see just how many of those nasty Silver Dragons we can slay before the ball drops at midnight on December 31!

Our current total is: 58,567 dragons slain. If we can reach 60,000 by December 31 at midnight pacific, EVERYONE will receive 2018 silver, gold, platinum, electrum and dalatinum as well as a special item for the month of January.

Happy hunting and best of luck to all!

1,415 dragons to go!

We're offering special black Friday donation deals!
@@@ Rayn2017-11-24 20:08:54
On this day of deals we'd like to offer the following:

Free dwelling of your choice for you and all of your alts.
11 times donator points
11,000 dalatinum per dollar donated.
We'll max your gem vault at the bank for you and all your alts.

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