Myths of the Realm
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@@@ Rayn2019-08-23 21:35:11
Welkl hello residents of Shrynn! I'm so very sorry for disappearing these many months! I opened my own business in February and have been absolutely swamped ever since. Rest assured though I'm back now and am available for you!

If anyone needs anything, anything at all, please don't hesitate to dove me!


Roll Call!
Digitised Dyllyn2019-08-01 23:53:17
Hello, Dragons of Myth!

Send a mystic dove Dyllyn's way if you're around. Let her know if you are/want to be/intend to be active!


Donation rewards and a few other things
@@@ Rayn2019-02-21 16:29:31
First to the few other things:

Mail and Petitions as well as dwellings ARE FIXED! A huge thank you to Malos for fixing that!

We will be adding new features! More details to come next week!

Pets will be re-created as we're able to do so. If you would like a replacement uber pet, please email and let me know. Please use the subject line "Uber Pet".

And now to donation rewards!
For every $1 donated you will receive a dwelling of your choice!
for every $1 donated you will also receive 100 dalatinum, 100 electrum, and 1,000 platinum.
For anyone who donates more than 1 months worth of server bills a special offer will be granted! Each of those people will get to work with me directly on the design of a shop where they may sell what they wish. We'll write the dialogue, customize the shop with descriptions of the interior, exterior, contents and of course the proprietor and any staff. The shop may sell anything the donor wishes and will be a permanent part of Shrynn! Profits will be collectable as well - this feature will be implemented no later than July 1 2019.

Please contact me via email for more info or with questions!

@@@ Rayn2019-02-01 22:35:01
Sorry for the downtime folks! We moved servers and the database accidentally got duplicated. Problem solved though and we're back and running!

March Donation Incentives!
@@@ Rayn2018-08-08 18:53:17
This months donation incentives are:
80,000 dp's per dollar donated
8,000 dalatinum per dollar donated
custom mount
custom equipment
80,000 bookbags per dollar donated (redeemable for copper/gems)
4 dwellings of your choice. You may have a dwelling custom made for you upon request. This dwelling would be unique to you and anyone you wish to gift it to.

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