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July Donation Incentives!
@@@ Rayn2017-07-12 20:00:07
For the month of July we wish to offer the following donation incentives. All incentives are of course in addition to the standard listed on the Donation Incentives page. As usual, donation incentives may be split up as you wish!

Custom pet and mount. If you have one already the damage will be adjusted. You may make an entirely new one if you wish.
700,000,000 copper. 7 Electrum, Platinum and Dalatinum per dollar donated. 700,000,000,000,000 gems.
A custom color for your name and title. Please contact Rayn for details. This color may be used in all equipment and for pet and mount names if you wish as well.
7 dwellings of your choice. Full coffers in all dwellings. Free movement and renaming of any dwelling.
Character never expires, magic ink and a pretty donator medal!

Special Donation Incentives for June!!
@@@ Rayn2017-06-01 16:34:46
Special donation incentives for the month of June!

1. a full set of NEW equipment - this DOES NOT include weapons or armor.
2. a custom invulnerable mount.
3. a custom pet.

For donations of $20, 1 dalatinum and 50,000 donator points per dollar donated.
For donations of $35, 75,000 donator points per dollar donated, 4 dwellings of your choice with full coffers.
For donations of $50, a permanent new day button, character never expires and unlimited magic ink.
For donations of $65, 350 silver, gold, platinum, electrum and dalatinum per dollar donated.

New Myth Update!
@@@ Rayn2017-02-23 20:33:08
Due to some unforeseen Real Life events, namely your coders being quite under the weather of late, we won't be able to make our beta release date of March 1, 2017. However, we do have an update!

Things we've completed:
~ Integration of items and shops.
~ Expansion of work throughout the Realm.
~ Addition of Cities and Interesting Places.
~ Lots and lots of items.
~ More updates to the Mythical Knowledge.
~ Restructure of all tables and layout for full accessibility.

Things that are in progress:
~ Lots and lots of items.
~ Crafting
~ Specialties
~ Races
~ Stat integration
~ Food and Bath integration
~ Clan stipending in money
~ Purchasing and selling in money for all shops.
~ Combat system overhaul

We will be opening the beta testers skype group to everyone no later than April 1, 2017. Full testing will not be open until at least May, but prior we will be testing things in pieces.

If you have questions, or wish to help, please dove me.

@@@ Rayn2017-01-19 18:30:23
We've decided to have a little RP contest for the next oh, six weeks or so.

So, here's how it'll work:
Post an RP in any public chat
+ 1 or more Partners are encouraged but self-RP is fine.
+ At least 3 instalments from EACH partner involved
+ Each instalment must be 2 or more posts
+ MUST be in a public chat (NO dwellings or doves)
After 3 instalments, both partners must petition in, attention Rayn and include:
+ Where the RP is
+ With whom you RP'ed
+ Whether it is finished or not**
It must be related to Myth or have a fantasy theme. Just a little battle or argument is fine...even sitting in The Planes with your pal!
+++But, Rayn... what if I can't find a partner??+++
Well, post a self or NPC RP, with at least 3 full posts as a single instalment, and win a chance to get 250-500 gems, depending on the quality.
+++But, Rayn... what if we want to post more than 3 instalments?+++
50 extra gems for each instalment. ;)
+++But, Rayn... I want to RP with someone but I can't find anyone to RP with!+++
Dove someone. Ask them for an RP, and you'll get it done!

Happy RPing. :)

End of the year dk contest!
The Narrator2017-01-02 03:00:46
Well we've let 2016 behind, I'm very proud to say that in December we slew 625 dragons! Everyone gets 80 dalatinum! Congratulations! if the top 5 dk'ers would please dove me with what type of dwelling they'd like, they will be awarded posthaste!

Total: 625
Eriadon 145
Gilraen 81
Arathorn 69
Persona 60
Nat 51
Rayn Darren 35
EvilySweet 30
Luna 25
jayde 24
ashlee 17
Crystal 16
Asa 13
Endire 11
longbow 10
Salt 8
Klio 7
Lillian Grace 5
Caress 4
Thomas 4
east 3
Orabelle 2
Toxyca 1
Kyoshiro 1
ShadowWeaver 1
Deputy Dragon 1
Kandi 1
sally steel 1

For every 25 dragons after 500, everyone will receive 16 dalatinum. The top 5 winners will receive a dwelling of their choice and 1,000 dalatinum.

Anyone who did not get their 80 dalatinum in the bank, please dove me.

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