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Warriors of the realm (Page 8: 351-400 of 644)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 1 @@Schadenfreude Kira The Grotto Felyne Female 416 days
Unconscious 1 PeaceBringer mexi magic Qexelcrag Child of Earth Female 4 days
Yes 1 BrailleReader Skhye inside a dwelling Gnome Female 17 days
Unconscious 1 EBAH Stash Prime Plane Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 2374 days
Yes 1 ~+~ Indians and Pilgrims Chl Felyne Female 1237 days
Yes 1 Keeper Of Eternal Light Shifter Prime Plane Felyne Male 1346 days
Yes 1 ^Reaping Angel Archeron Plane of Lightning Darkness Elemental Male 1582 days
Yes 1 ^^Elven Angel Amaia Armora Angel Female 1131 days
Yes 1 God Of Fire Trapper inside a dwelling Darkness Elemental Male 1734 days
Yes 1 Under the Mistletoe Mirage inside a dwelling Child of Water Male 2233 days
Yes 1 Amelia E. Valencia The Elemental Planes Angel Male 90 days
Unconscious 1 Angel Jordan Plane of Light Human Male 776 days
Yes 1 Kalia The Elemental Plains Angel Female 1489 days
Unconscious 1 Analiese Prime Plane Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 2702 days
Yes 1 BattleMage Eriadon The Grotto Elf Male 1075 days
Yes 1 Siobhan The Elemental Planes Human Female 1513 days
Yes 1 Lord Elric Clan Barracks Vampire Male 682 days
Unconscious 1 Osiris The Elemental Planes Darkness Elemental Male 1999 days
Unconscious 1 Dark Lady Sable Avalene Vampire Female 2168 days
Unconscious 1 Lord Leto Armora Angel Male 405 days
Unconscious 1 Serene Vampire SeleneMarieCorvin inside a dwelling Vampire Female 709 days
Unconscious 1 Joko Prime Plane Horrible Gelatinous Blob Female 2549 days
Yes 1 Elven Princess Arya inside a dwelling Elf Female 179 days
Yes 1 Earth Cabalista Ariadne Cataley`0 The Grotto Angel Female 1445 days
Yes 1 Rebel Axion Deus Nocturnem Vampire Male 1151 days
Yes 1 Shaded Monster ShadowWeaver inside a dwelling Child of Darkness Male 1139 days
Yes 1 Dark Zorander The Elemental Planes Child of Water Male 1201 days
Yes 1 legendary god superfighter Avalene Barbarian Male 77 days
Yes 1 Chocolate Bunny DarkRose inside a dwelling Dark Pixie Female 609 days
Yes 1 The Random Kelvin Simitz Prime Plane Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 2627 days
Yes 1 The Narrator The Grotto Angel Male 72 days
Unconscious 1 Cardinal of the Earth Persona- The Elemental Planes Child of Water Male 1127 days
Unconscious 1 Cathy Valencia The Elemental Planes Angel Female 1981 days
Yes 1 Independent Tictac The Elemental Planes Storm Giant Male 327 days
Unconscious 1 Bishop Evelyn Glazwyn Drow Male 2319 days
Yes 1 @Chaotic Kyoshiro The Grotto Elf Female 226 days
Yes 1 Canoness Lady_Sunshine Clan Barracks Child of Earth Female 97 days
Yes 1 Draconic Siren Neriss Prime Plane Merfolk Female 285 days
Yes 1 Arcane Sage Dawmeonghoul Clan Barracks Dwarf Female 216 days
Yes 1 ~ Samyale The Elemental Plains Child of Light Female 594 days
Unconscious 1 Xenaphilim Akhana inside a dwelling Child of Darkness Male 1541 days
Unconscious 1 Dragon Killer Farsah Armora Angel Male 1553 days
Unconscious 1 Arch Wizard eier Destra's Place Human Male 604 days
Yes 1 Mistress of War Breena The Elemental Planes Child of Light Female 175 days
Yes 1 Blind Warrior Jeremy The Elemental Planes Elf Male 45 days
Unconscious 1 Richest Rogue Joe Cormere Bear Male 368 days
Yes 1 Dragon Slayeress Hope The Elemental Planes Child of Light Female 175 days
Yes 1 Alice Valentine The Grotto Child of Darkness Female 345 days
Yes 1 Beautiful Temptress S`0 inside a dwelling Child of Darkness Female 576 days
Unconscious 1 Peasant Mephistopheles Deus Nocturnem Vampire Male 1907 days
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